The Future of Business 1




09:00 - 12:30


 - Dr Winne Fung

 - Dr Kelvin Ho


Lumina College

3/F, Breakthrough Centre,

191 Woosung Street, Jordan,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Ticket Fee $500 (for 5 sessions)


 - FaSCoRe, HKU

 - Lumina College

The Future of Business in a Technological Age (1):
Consumerism and Growth

Business and technology are powerful forces which have shaped – and continue to reshape – each other and the world in which we live. This series of five workshops brings together business leaders, technologists, and academics to consider, from a Christian perspective, the systemic issues facing business in light of technological advances, and the challenges and opportunities arising from these.

This first session will consider what the problems inherent to unending consumption and growth are, and whether technology save us from them.

Sometime in recent history people were sold the idea that economic growth was good, and that it was always good. This ties in nicely with the idea that people should consume things – the more, the better – and that people can be seen primarily as consumers. Technology has driven consumption (we get a new phone every year) as it has facilitated consumption (we can extract resources at a rate previously impossible). Economic growth has its place: it has brought people out of poverty and improved living standards across the globe. Endless growth and consumption, however, are significantly problematic. A Christian perspective can help identify the problems, and sketch what form solutions might take. It is up for discussion the extent to which technology – which played a key role in the problems – can play a role in the solutions.

About the speakers

Winnie FUNG studied at Harvard University, obtaining her BA in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Business Economics. She is an associate professor at Lumina College. Prior to Lumina, she was an associate professor of economics at Wheaton College, where she also earned an MA in Biblical Studies. She has taught microeconomic theory, development economics, health economics, and quantitative research methods. Her research interests focus on poverty alleviation and economic development.

Kelvin HO obtained undergraduate degrees at Hong Kong Baptist University (BSc), the University of Essex (MSc), and the University of South Australia (MBA) before completing his PhD in Business and Management at the University of South Australia. He has augmented his research interest in internet marketing, online consumer behaviours, and virtual community with practical experience in business start-ups and retailing. He now has over a decade of experience in managing international businesses, and is President of Frasetec Ltd.

Video of the talks.

Other Sessions

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16th Feb. 2019: Moving Beyond Zero Impact

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27th Apr. 2019: Un-commodifying the World

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