About Us

In Short

The Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum (FaSCoRe) seeks to foster fruitful interactions between science and religion within Hong Kong academia. Based at HKU, we work with academics from across Hong Kong, drawn from natural and social sciences, engineering, theology and philosophy. By cultivating interdisciplinary discussions, we can facilitate a process of mutual transformation by which religion can enrich science and science can enrich religion.

In detail

Science. We consider "science" in a broad sense, with involvement of researchers from natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and medicine.

Faith. We are similarly inclusive in terms of "faith": the desire and ability to influence and be influenced by scientific thought is not limited to any one religion. The expertise within the group at present is predominantly Christian, but should you be interested in other religions, we are always interested in new questions.

In Hong Kong. The Forum is physically head quartered at the University of Hong Kong, but we have involvement from academics throughout Hong Kong.


Prof Pauline Chiu - Chemist, Principal Investigator, Project Director.

Prof Terry Lum - Social Scientist, Co-Prinicple Investigator.

Dr Mike Brownnutt - Physicist, Associate Director.

Ms Katy Mok - Executive Officer.

Others - We have an extended network of academics across Hong Kong, with representatives from all UGC-funded Universities, as well as contacts in a number of other institutions. Contact us for details of people at your university.

Getting involved

If you want more information about what we do, or about how you can become involved, please contact Mike Brownnutt.


The Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum is based at The University of Hong Kong, hosted in the department of Social Work and Social Administration. It is funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc., under the theme of Internationalising Christians in Science.