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The Future of Business 2


Time 09:30 - 12:30


Prof Erwin Huang

Prof Paul Cheung


Lumina College

191 Woosung Street, Jordan,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Ticket Fee $500 (for 5 sessions)

Organiser :

 - FaSCoRe, HKU

 - Lumina College

The Future of Business in a Technological Age (2):
Disruption of Technology: How to face the uncertain future in business and in education

Business and technology are powerful forces which have shaped – and continue to reshape – each other and the world in which we live. This series of five workshops brings together business leaders, technologists, and academics to consider, from a Christian perspective, the systemic issues facing business in light of technological advances, and the challenges and opportunities arising from these.

This second session will consider how to face the disruption that technology causes in both business and education.

The revolutions caused by robotics, artificial intelligence and social media are transforming the way business can be done, and is being done. Such technological disruptions lead to two disruptions in education: First, we cannot keep teaching like we did before; the future will be radically different, and we must prepare our students accordingly. Second: we do not need to teach like we did before; technological changes offer us opportunities to do things differently. With so much in flux, it is both possible and necessary to bring a Christian perspective to bear on how we build the way forward. Based on experiences of teaching entrepreneurship to “Generation Z” university students, this talk will consider the needs and possibilities for educating entrepreneurs of the future.

About the Speakers

Erwin Huang is a serial entrepreneur, a leader in Social Innovations and the eLearning field for more than 30 years. He now serves and coaches more than 10 young entrepreneurs running organizations from early tech start-ups, to social enterprises, to Unicorns. His mission is to teach social innovation and entrepreneurship to school and university students; and let more young people understand entrepreneurial spirit, identify social issues, and create social impact through innovations and experiential learning. To this end he has started and is involved in numerous initiatives, including being Vice-Chairman of Junior Achievement Hong Kong, Co-Founder of social enterprise DreamStarter, Co-founder of VR Educate Limited, Founder of Agent of Change, and Chairman of Social Career. He serves as Non-executive Director of on various public companies including Sky Light Holdings Limited (Digital Imaging) and is Deputy Chairman & Non-executive Director of Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (Luxury Retailing). Currently, he is Associate Professor and Senior Advisor (Entrepreneurship) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Paul Cheung is an Honorary Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and in Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong (HKU).  He joined HKU in 1980 and served as Dean of Engineering from 1994-2000, and Associate Vice-President (Research) from 2012-15, Director of Technology Transfer Office and Managing Director of Versitech from 2004-2016. He was on secondment from the University to the Hong Kong Government as Policy Advisor of the Innovation and Technology Commission from 2002-04. Prior joining the Government, he was Corporate Senior Vice-President in technology, at PCCW responsible for the strategic development in technology for the Group while on leave from the University from 2000-02.  Prof Cheung received his BSc (Eng) and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Imperial College, University of London, in 1973 and 1978 respectively. He was also the Co-founder of DreamCatchers, the Programme Director of MSc (ECIC) and Entrepreneurship Academy at HKU.  While he has officially retired from HKU faculty, he remains actively involved with the university, though is now able to find more time for other pursuits including pen-making, travelling and other volunteer works.

Video of the talks.

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