The Future of Business 3




09:30 - 12:30


 - Dr Ho Kin Chung

 - Mak Chen Wen Ning


Lumina College

191 Woosung Street, Jordan,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Ticket Fee $500 (for 5 sessions)


 - FaSCoRe, HKU

 - Lumina College



The Future of Business in a Technological Age (3):
Moving Beyond Zero Impact

Business and technology are powerful forces which have shaped – and continue to reshape – each other and the world in which we live. This series of five workshops brings together business leaders, technologists, and academics to consider, from a Christian perspective, the systemic issues facing business in light of technological advances, and the challenges and opportunities arising from these.

This third session will consider a common reaction against the negative impact of consumerism. Conservation, zero emissions, circular economies, "leave no trace" all aim at the same thing: zero impact. How can we go beyond this to realise the richness of the positive impact implicit in a biblical view of cultivating the world?

“Zero impact” frames the situation as saying that any impact humans have is bad. In such a case, we might as well not be here. Indeed, if we just wanted to ensure humans had zero impact on the environment, the easiest and fastest solution is quietly dispose of 7 billion people. That should raise a red flag. At very least, a biblical perspective requires that we view a world with humans as better than a world without them. Given humanity’s biblical mandate to tend, curate, and cultivate the world, we should be aiming to have an impact on the world, and making sure it is a good one. As such, while it is good that the mindset of “zero impact” questions consumerism, it replaces it with a view of humanity and our role on earth that is deeply at odds with a Christian view of man, and which needs to be rethought.

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