The Future of Business 4




09:30 - 12:30


 - Dr Peter Liu

 - Tse Fung Wong



Ticket Fee $500 (for 5 sessions)


 - FaSCoRe, HKU

 - Lumina College



The Future of Business in a Technological Age (4):
Technology and the Global Order of Business

Business and technology are powerful forces which have shaped – and continue to reshape – each other and the world in which we live. This series of five workshops brings together business leaders, technologists, and academics to consider, from a Christian perspective, the systemic issues facing business in light of technological advances, and the challenges and opportunities arising from these.

This fourth session will consider how technology is reshaping the structure of business, what the consequences of that are, and how we can engage Christianly in this milieu?

Technology is changing how business can be done, and what business can be done. These changes will necessarily disrupt business models at every level, transforming the business landscape. The changes being wrought are not simple or unidirectional. On the one hand, technology is a democratizing force; putting unprecedented power in the hands of individuals (almost anyone can write an app, or make a film). On the other hand, it is a monopolizing force; concentrating unprecedented power in the hands of a few mega-organizations (Google, Amazon, Monsanto). This ambivalent trend can happen simultaneously, and within the same company (eBay is a big company that helps individuals buy and sell).
          How can Christians involved in this milieu be aware of, understand, and engage with the issues: the opportunities and problems associated with concentration of power, diffusion of power, or changing of how power is distributed.

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