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Technology, Knowledge, and Wisdom 1


Time 09:30 - 12:30


Dr Leung Wing Tai

Dr Jonathan Chung


Lumina College,

3/F, Breakthrough Centre,

191 Woosung Street,

Jordan, Kowloon.

Organiser :

 - FaSCoRe

 - Lumina College


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Technology, Knowledge, and Wisdom 1: Specialisation

Does technology help us gain knowledge?
Does increased knowledge lead to increased wisdom?
And what does wisdom say of technology?

Philosophers, scientists, and theologians have wrestled with these questions; from the utopian optimism of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, to the sceptical pessimism of Jacques Ellul. Popular culture also wrestles with such issues, not least through movies; from The Matrix to Free Guy. Now it is our turn.

This series brings together academics from across disciplines to consider pressing issues of the interrelationships between technology, knowledge, and wisdom, and what this means for how we (should) live in today's world.

A Story: Scenario #1 - Specialisation

The creatives stared in contemplation into the middle distance as the labourers refilled their coffee cups for them. Each piece was in its place, and playing its part. And that was right. Those who, by accident of birth, contingency of life, or guiding of the Social Plan, were deemed best fit for menial tasks were trained from the start for that at which they would excel. And those best suited to more cerebral reflation were trained in that. Within such specialisations were those trained in art history and those trained in art appreciation; those trained in neuro-psychology, and those trained in psycho-neurology. And lest silos become too narrow or disconnected, there were those trained in interdisciplinarity. To each their allotted place, as the Social Plan willed it.
          And yet, thought one of the creatives, I wonder if there is a better way? They shook such a strange thought from their head. Not my concern. If there were any chance of a better way, the Social Plan surely had someone specialised to look for it.


Free Guy (2001).

Book chapter

Midgley, Mary (1991). “Chapter 1: Moon Monsters and Free People.” In Mary Midgley, Wisdom, Information and Wonder: What is Knowledge For? Routledge.

Series session dates

4th Dec. 2021:
Scenario #1: Specialisation

8th Jan. 2022:
Scenario #2: Integration

5th Feb. 2022:
Scenario #3: Separation 

5th Mar. 2022:
Scenario #4: Centralisation

2nd Apr. 2022:
Scenario #5: Transcendence