Technology, Knowledge, and Wisdom 3




09:30 - 12:30


 - Dr Leung Wing Tai

 - Dr Agnes Chan


Lumina College,

3/F, Breakthrough Centre,

191 Woosung Street,

Jordan, Kowloon.


 - FaSCoRe

 - Lumina College

Technology, Knowledge, and Wisdom 3: Separation

Does technology help us gain knowledge?
Does increased knowledge lead to increased wisdom?
And what does wisdom say of technology?

Movies have long wrestled with these questions. They explore the possibilities and pitfalls from numerous directions, be that via the political commentary of X-Men, the hopeful future visions of Robocop, or the gently dystopian almost-present visions of Her.

Philosophers, scientists, and theologians have also wrestled with these questions. From the philosophy of Mary Midgley, to the cultural commentary of Andy Crouch, to the religio-scientific utopianism of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Within the academy, scientists, engineers, philosophers, theologians, and educators have the opportunity to shape how we, as a society engage with these issues. Simply shrugging, scrolling on through a news-feed and hoping things will turn out OK is simply not an option.

To this end, taking inspiration from both academic literature and popular culture, this series of discussions will consider the interrelationships between technology, knowledge, and wisdom, and what this means for how we (should) live in today's world.

A Story: Scenario #3 - Separation

She inhaled deeply. Smiled at the simple pleasure of smelling cherry blossom on the cool evening breeze, and feeling the soft grass beneath her bare feet. She stretched her shoulders back and stood tall, at peace, free from the constant interruptions and burdens of work. But there it was, even here, even after this day, her mind returned already to the world to which her body must also now return.
          She gazed wistfully at the setting sun before turning her back on it and watching her locker rise from what a moment before had been simple grass. She donned her dress, her shoes, her glasses; picked up her phone, and re-inserted her earpiece. She took the escalator down to the station platform and boarded the train, which efficiently transported her to down into her world of glass and steel, purified air and optimised lighting.

          As beautiful as the cherry blossom was, you could not trade it, eat it, or live in it. No. It was a luxury set apart. A brief pleasure away from the reality of all that must be done.

Session dates:

4th Dec. 2021:
Scenario #1: Specialisation

8th Jan. 2022:
Scenario #2: Integration

5th Feb. 2022:
Scenario #1: Specialisation

5th Mar. 2022:
Scenario #4: Centralisation

2nd Apr. 2022:
Scenario #5: Transcendence