Rich Thinking About the World's Poor

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Rich Thinking About the World's Poor


Peter Meadows


August 1, 2003


Authentic Media

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"Not another book about the poor! Another book that will convict you to sell everything, and move to another country? Well, not exactly…

Rich Thinking about the World’s Poor is about insight and inspiration: insight into the rich thinking of those committed to changing the face of the world’s poor, and inspiration into how we can support, help and aid them.

World Vision’s Peter Meadows shows how, when we engage the brain and address the real issues at the heart of a poor community, we can see poverty through God’s eyes.

Issues include:

• Why it matters why you think the poor are poor
• The strangest question Jesus asked
• How to do good and make the poor poorer
• Why being 'Bob the Builder' may not be the answer
• The stark truth about Child sponsorship
• Are we ready for the poor to be as rich as God wants them to be?
• The condom conundrum
• What the poor would tell us about our plans for them
• If you have to be born don’t be a girl

This ‘rich thinking’ gives insight into how churches and individuals can realign their focus, and get directly involved in missions."


About the Author

Peter Meadows is Head of Church Action at World Vision UK. A popular communicator and writer, he co-founded Spring Harvest and founded Premier Christian Radio. Peter co-authored Beyond Belief with Jews For Jesus Director, Joseph Steinberg.