Reality and Scientific Theology

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Reality and Scientific Theology


Thomas F. Torrance


June 1, 1985


Scottish Academic Pr

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Preface: "The chapters that make up this book represent a revised form of The Harris Lectures delivered during November and December 1970 in The University of Dundee under the title 'God and the World.' They were subsequently given again in an adapted form to post-graduate students in Edinburgh under the title 'Christian Theology and Conceptual Change.' Now that they are at last prepared for publication another title seemed to be required. The title I have now given to the book is meant to bring it into association with other works of mine such as Theological Science, Christian Theology and Scientific Culture, and Divine and Contingent Order.... The title of the last chapter has been changed, as I had already used it in The Richards Lectures for 1978-79 delivered in the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and published by the University of Virginia Press in 1980 as The Ground and Grammar of Theology."

"Foreword to the 2002 (sic) Edition" (dated Advent 2000, published 2001): "This book... is a sequel to that" (i.e., Reality and Evangelical Theology).