Reality and Evangelical Theology

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Reality and Evangelical Theology


Thomas F. Torrance


March 3, 2003


Wipf and Stock; Republished edition

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T.F. Torrance is widely recognized as one of our most important twentieth-century theologians. And scholars of Torrance suggest 'Reality & Scientific Theology' is one of his most accessible works.

Torrance's insights on Christian epistemology are remarkably relevant in light of recent discussions on realism and antirealism in philosophy and theology. Torrance brilliantly sets forth no naive or even critical realism, but rather an evangelical realism - knowledge grounded in the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. He not only constructively argues the case for an evangelical realism but compares and contrasts theological knowledge with natural scientific knowledge, and shows how the Bible can function authoritatively in a fragmented church.

This edition of 'Reality and Evangelical Theology' includes an in-depth foreword that contextualizes Torrance's seminal theological work in light of recent debates over postmodern and postcritical hermeneutics to Scripture. It will handsomely repay engagement (or reengagement) by theologians, philosophers, students and thoughtful pastors.