Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living

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Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living


Nick Spencer and Robert White





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Our current habits of consumption and production in the West cannot be maintained. The way we live, in particular the way we generate and use energy, is no longer environmentally or socially sustainable. In high-income countries it threatens our health and wellbeing. In low-income ones it is already responsible for the death or displacement of hundreds of thousands of people every year. We urgently need to reconsider our lifestyles and the policies that shape them. This book represents serious Christian engagement with the emerging issue of sustainable consumption and production.


Spencer and White analyse the scientific, sociological, economic and theological thinking that makes a Christian response to these trends both imperative and distinctive. Their practical conclusions explore what can be done at the personal, community, national and international levels to make sustainable living a reality. Firmly rooted in the good news of the Christian faith, this is, above all, a constructive and hopeful book that offers a realistic vision of a better future.