What is Our Humanity?




09:30 - 17:00


 - Dr Bethany Sollereder (Oxford)

 - Prof Arthur Mak (CUHK)



Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Ac. Bldg.

City University

Kowloon Tong


 - FaSCoRe, HKU

 - Christian Staff Fellowship, CityU

To be human is to be in some way special. Most people would assent to this idea, and yet every aspect of its consideration raises more questions. Are we special because we are human, or are we human because we are special? Is the essence of our humanity founded in our bodies, our brains, our society, or in some thing “other”? As we remove or add things to ourselves do we become more human, or less? How then should we act?


This one day mini-conference brings together social scientists, natural scientists, engineers and theologians to consider the interrelated answers each discipline can contribute to such questions.


The workshop is aimed at academics (faculty or graduate students) in the fields of natural science, social science, engineering, theology or philosophy. It is open to researchers from any university across Hong Kong, and of any faith or none.

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