Can We Have Abundant Life Without Trashing the Planet?




19:00 - 20:30


 - Rev Dave Bookless


LE01, Library Extension

HKU, Pokfulam


 - FaSCoRe, HKU

 - A Rocha, UK


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About the talk

In a world of 7+ billion citizens, each aspiring towards a lifestyle that consumes more of the planet’s resources than our ancestors, what is ‘enough’ and how do we know when we have it? Is affluenza the most worrying illness in today’s world, or should we simply be glad that life is now more comfortable? Should we be concerned by the ‘planetary boundaries’ which scientists say we are exceeding, or can technology give us hope of a new future? Does it matter that 58% of the world’s wildlife has disappeared in the past 50 years?

This lecture suggests some answers rooted in ancient biblical wisdom. Abundant life may be found in the simplest and most surprising things, in reconnecting with places, people and patterns of life that care for the earth, our common home.

About the speaker

Dave Bookless is Director of Theology for A Rocha International and is completing a PhD in a theological approach to biodiversity conservation at Cambridge University. He has over 20 years’ experience in speaking on environmental issues in many countries, has authored two books (including Planetwise) and contributed to over 20 others. He is an Associate of the Faraday Institute and a member of the Church of England’s Environmental Working Group.

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