What's On

Peter Harrison FAHA, historian and philosopher of science and religion, is visiting from 10th - 12th October. Among other things, he will give a public lecture providing fresh perspectives on how science and religion relate to each other, and a seminar on the history and philosophy of science.

Joshua Swamidass MD PhD, who works on computation at the intersection of medicine, biology and chemistry, is visiting from 29th October - 1st November. Among other things, he will give a public lecture on the nature of humanity in the face of AI, and a seminar on genetics and genealogy for understanding accounts of Adam and Eve.

We look forward to having you join us.

Faith and Science in Hong Kong


Science and religion have had a long and complex relationship over thousands of years. Their engagement is shaped by factors inherent to the areas of scientific and religious activity involved, as well as by the historical and cultural contexts. Academic scientists in Hong Kong are more religious than the general population, and yet the political, religious and scientific history of the region means that engagement between science and religion here is relatively in its infancy. In this setting, the Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum seeks to develop and enrich the interactions between religion and science/engineering research in Hong Kong.


Dr Mike Brownnutt

Centennial Campus, HKU