Cambridge Scholarships

Faraday Summer Course

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is holding a summer course at Cambridge University looking at A Better Story: Why Faith and Science Belong Together. It will be held from 28th June – 3rd July. We are offering five full scholarships to attend the course. The scholarships are open to undergraduate / graduate students from the University of Hong Kong, and will cover a return trip to the UK, conference fees, and accommodation in Cambridge.

You can apply for the scholarships here. Please note the application deadline of 31st January.

Faith and Science in Hong Kong


Science and religion have had a long and complex relationship over thousands of years. Their engagement is shaped by factors inherent to the areas of scientific and religious activity involved, as well as by the historical and cultural contexts. Academic scientists in Hong Kong are more religious than the general population, and yet the political, religious and scientific history of the region means that engagement between science and religion here is relatively in its infancy. In this setting, the Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum seeks to develop and enrich the interactions between religion and science/engineering research in Hong Kong.


Dr Mike Brownnutt

Centennial Campus, HKU